Customs Clearance Services

LCL International Ltd offers a 24/7 Customs Clearance service for non-EU and Special Customs Regime consignments.

We have open links to the UK Customs Computer System and recent enhancements now mean we can release goods from Customs controls at any UK Port or Inland Clearance Terminal

Our experience can be called upon to prescribe mandatory-paperwork and other requirements, or calculate Duties, in advance, given the particular circumstances – to avoid unnecessary delays through Customs controls.

We have our own Deferment Account, to assist Importers who do not have their own account with HM Revenue and Customs, or have exceeded their monthly limit, for paying any Duty or Import VAT as necessary.

LCL International Ltd prepare and present all types of HMRC Export Declarations – from the basic NES for innocent T2 Status consignments, through to Ex Bond or IPR T1 Status goods; using our own Community Transit Guarantee.

We complete TIR Carnets on a special printer, and can arrange endorsement of ATRs and EUR.1s at Dover Port.